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Arete Gallery
122 Main Street New Hope, PA 18938 (map it)
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Celt-Iberia Traders
52 South Main Street New Hope, PA 18938 (map it)
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Dar James
New Hope, PA 18938
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Fred Eisen Leather & Art Knives
85 S Main St New Hope, PA 18938 (map it)
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Heart of the Home
28 S. Main St New Hope, PA 18938 (map it)
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Nancy Lloyd Fine Art
1695 Aquetong Road, New Hope, PA 18938 (map it)
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Nancy Lloyd Fine Art seeks to celebrate and support local art. Nancy Lloyd Fine Art presents the original work of Nancy Lloyd along with guest artists. The gallery also offers group and individual lessons. Nestled in the heart of Bucks County, the Show more... gallery and studio is the current inhabitant of a converted, antique carriage house on the historical John Van Dyke Homestead. An intimate and interactive setting, Nancy Lloyd Fine Art is striving to establish a European-type artistic salon with idea sharing and exchange. The country park-like setting offers the opportunity to enjoy great art and friendly company. ...Show less

New Hope Stained Glass
New Hope, PA 18938
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New Hope Stained Glass is the work of Jill & Dan Burstein, who live and work in Bucks County, just outside of New Hope, PA. They are members of the PA Guild of Craftsmen. Jill & Dan use colored transparent glass and seeded clear glass together to create Show more... pieces that help to bring the outside in, while maintaining the design and integrity of the architecture/work that surrounds the artwork. For example, one of their techniques is to incorporate a window mullion-like design into a work that will be hanging in a mullioned window. This gives the illusion that the stained glass is actually part of the window. ...Show less

Paramount Wood Co
6162 Lower York Rd New Hope, PA 18938 (map it)
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Paxson Hill Farm
3265 Comfort Road New Hope, PA 18938 (map it)
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Raymond Farm Center for Living Arts and Design
6370 Pidcock Creek Road New Hope, PA 18938 (map it)
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Red Tulip Gallery
19 West Bridge Street New Hope, PA 18940 (map it)
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39 W.Bridge St. New Hope, PA 18938 (map it)
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Topeo Gallery
35 N Main St. New Hope, PA 18938 (map it)
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