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NEWHOPEALIVE.COM is proud to feature New Hope, a lively center of tourism in Bucks County. New Hope is noted for its wide variety of arts, shopping, galleries, and restaurants, all this in a wonderful setting on the banks of the Delaware River. With its sister town across the river - Lambertville, NJ - there are fewer places which are more pleasant for an afternoon stroll or an evening in one of its fine restaurants. If you live, work, play, vacation, or shop in New Hope, check out our comprehensive directories to area businesses, restaurants, music venues, and much more. Our events calendar is always full of thousands of events in and around Bucks County! READ MORE

New Hope is a borough in Bucks County, with a population of 2,528 at the 2010 census. New Hope is on the west bank of the Delaware River opposite Lambertville, New Jersey. Historically, New Hope was known as "Coryell's Ferry", and the area thrived because it was the halfway point on the main road from Philadelphia to New York City. It was an overnight stay for travelers, who then took the ferry to New Jersey in the morning. The town was renamed "New Hope" following a major fire in 1790. The new name signified the town's hope for a successful reconstruction. Before his crossing of the Delaware River, Washington destroyed the ferry to deny its use to British troops. As a result, the British decided the town was sympathetic to the revolution and shelled the town. Several landmarks are on the National Register of Historic Places: Joshua Ely House, Honey Hollow Watershed, Cintra, William Kitchen House, New Hope Village District, Rhoads Homestead, and Springdale Historic District.


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